Qobool have partnerships with universities around the world and our experienced team help students to find their ideal course and place of study.

Working closely with Accredited Educational Institutions, scholarship sponsors and international universities, we support students from the Middle East through the entire process of applying to study abroad.

We can start by offering you guidance on choosing the most suitable course and place of study depending on your specific needs and desired career path. Our team are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of students find the perfect university for them.

Qabool represent educational institutions that offer a high-quality teaching and are approved by the governmental authorities and private companies in the Middle East

After supporting you in this momentous decision, we are on hand to assist you with all the details including the full admission process, visa application, accommodation and transport arrangements.

We will stay in close contact with you during the entire admission process, as well as providing additional support once you arrive and begin your studies.